Who are we

1.   We are a movement for the country and its people. We don‘t centerize. We don’t fight on two fronts. We don’t disunite people. Our aspiration is to unite people. We appeal to all people.
2.   We are fighting (but not only for):
A proud country, based on a civilized inheritance, with secure frontiers, going parallel with the surrounding world, with aspiration for international security, peace and cooperation based on the common good and equality.
To ensure steady work for all, facing everyday life needs and problems.
Free and continuous education
Free health care and care for elderly and the disabled.
The human right to a harmonious life.
The human right to free expression.
A public life which in all fields is meritocratic, honest, transparent and with continuous control with justice.
Strengthening of democracy, with respect to the majority and minority opinion with a meritocratic parliament, with local government having authority and resources and with responsible trade unions to uphold workers’s rights.
3.    We do not have historical, theoretical or political delusions. The fight will be difficult and has to be continuous and unyielding, but we believe and definitely hope the deliverance from nowadays impassable problems.
The governments of the two big parties, being out of any control, lead the country and its people to those impassable problems, and which are clearly political.
They must be faced and solved by a new policy based on statutory and radical changes.
The new policy must be led by a new government in the service of the country and its  people whose willingness will guarantee the new policy.
4.  We, the Patriotic Popular Movement, shall fight supporting the new policy.
Everything that we declare, we believe in it, we mean it and shall fight to implement it.
This new government and the people shall build the country with social justice, social unity, continuous development process and international credibility.


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