1.    An issue of principle and political foundation of PA.NA.K constitutes the renunciation of the syndrome of unaccountable power, which objectively leads to the power of rake-off, in es­sence to abolition of democracy. An issue of principle constitutes the renunciation of every audacious and naive dialectic on stability and party government self-reliance which objectively, leadsalso to unaccountable power in exercising a steadilyAntipopular Policy, contrary to the Popular interests and cer­tainly the interests of our Country, since the notion of Country is not hazy and indefinite. A Country is the land of the people for the people. Denial of one's country and the Popular Inter­ests of its People is therefore a clear policy option of the unaccountable two-party power and leads consequently, directly, as a political option, to successive impasse problems of the country, Social, Political and Economic.
2.    We establish objectively, before our eyes that is, what takes place in Greece today. Leader­ ship-centered parties non statutory and lacking meritocracy, incoercible prime ministers, ministers and hangers-on. A Parliament where all bills are introduced under top urgent procedures, or wedgewise ir­ relevant bills, overnight or deprived quorum of voters. It is about an intended maze of whirling bill-swirl or bill-laundries. The President of the Parliament incapable due to disordered standing orders. The President of the Republic incapable of dismissing them, as the Constitution empowers him to do, since he was not elected by the people but by the Parliament itself that presents same to him for signing.
The whole procedure is deliberate and aims at promoting the unpopular policy and under­bidding of the Patriotic Interests.
Consequently we are driven objectively, right before our eyes, to the political ascertainment that the policy of the self-reliant and incontrollable two-party power has now arrived to its ex­piry date, is now unhistorical and Greece must turn page in its yellowed diary. Objectively, now, there is a political gap, the indignation of the people is bubbles excessively due to the unpopular policy against them, from the mean treatment they receive by the in-controllable governmental unpopular power which, reaching the limits of political meanness, drove Greece to today's impasse problems and bankruptcy. The political failure in all sectors, of the incoercible two-party government, hits all social classes of the Greek People and shakes up the Social, Political and Economic foundations of the Greek State. We are now experiencing, objectively, a political gap in Greece. No further political margins or political nostrums of communication type and false impres­sions and variations of the unpopular and anti-patriotic policy that has been applied, exist.
3.    An outline of PA.NA.K policy and proposals constitute: 
      a.    A New Policy based on Institutional and Radical Changes towards serving the People and the Fatherland, by a New Government in the service of the Popular and Patriotic Interests.
      b.    Application of the New Policy by the New Government will take place through the will of the People.
      c.    Prompt dealing with the problems by the New Policy and the New Government, before Greece is led to total bankruptcy, to total destruction and its effacement as an Independent and Sovereign State.
      d.    Whatever the New Government and the New Policy declares constitutes a belief, means it and will be constantly and relentlessly fighting for its implementation,
4.    PA.NA.K., as a POPULAR MOVEMENT for the FATHERLAND and its PEOPLE will support and will participate in the New Policy. We hope and believe that we can build a Homeland Proud and Sovereign with Social Jus­tice, Peace and Cohesion, with constant Growth Economic Progress and International Credibility, as Greece and the Greeks really deserve it.

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